Tasting Traditional Orkney

Farming has been at the heart of Orkney for 5000 years, and this tour lets you experience how and where our unique products are made. And of course there is plenty opportunity to taste for yourself!

Skara Brae

Step back 5000 years to explore one of Europe’s best preserved prehistoric settlements. It was first uncovered during a storm and most of the houses, including furniture are still standing exactly where they were built.  As you will see, the diet of 5,000 years ago has changed very  little!

Tasting Traditional Orkney tour - Skara Brae

The Orkney Brewery

Beer has been brewed in Orkney since the Neolithic, probably reaching its highpoint in the Viking period!  This craft brewery wins prizes every year and is the perfect place to sample locally produced beer, or sample local foods.

The Barony Mill

This is Orkney’s last water driven mill, producing beremeal from our local strain of barley.  It is an ancient cereal that has been used for centuries to produce our unique bread, as well as fine home baking.

Tasting Traditional Orkney tour - Barony Mill beremeal

Kirbister Farm Museum

Visitors can see the traditional Orkney farm house which changed little over the centuries. This dwelling house has stone beds and a central hearth, very similar to the houses in the Stone Age village of Skara Brae that was lived in 5000 years ago, Things change slowly in Orkney! 

Tasting Traditional Orkney tour - Kirbuster Museum

The Brig, Kirkwall

A gourmet, retail food centre showcasing Orkney grass fed beef, alongside freshly caught fish and shellfish from local waters. Our dairy products are seen in cheese – farmhouse, smoked and cheddar – butter, and ice cream.  And of course our local beer, whisky and wine.

Highland Park Distillery

The world’s most northern whisky distillery, producing a distinctive and internationally famous single malt.  The brand is over two hundred years olden is still going strong.

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